Stub Flange Assembly Plain (Galv Backing Rings)

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Flange Assembly Plain x Plain


The stub flange assembly enables PVC pipework to be readily joined and dismantled. This can provide facility for blanking-off pipework and for the installation of butterfly and swing-check valves.

Components are supplied loose for self-assembly. The assembly comprises:-

  • 2 x solvent-weld stub flanges
  • 2 x galvanised steel backing rings
  • 1 x full-face gasket
  • BZP bolt sets to fit each bolt hole.

Bolt sets are sized to suit flange to flange connection. Where a valve is to be installed between flanges it will be necessary to supply longer bolt sets and an additional gasket.


Metric PVC fittings are generally manufactured in accordance with EN1452-3, ISO 161/1. 

Threaded PVC fittings are in accordance with BS21, DIN2999, ISO7.

All fittings have WRAS approval and are suitable for use with potable drinking water applications.

Pressure Rating

PVC solvent weld fittings (sizes 20mm to 160mm) have a pressure rating of 16 bar (230 psi) at 20oC.

Threaded fittings (sizes 1/2" to 4" BSP) have a pressure rating of 12 bar ((170 psi) at 20oC. As temperature increases the pressure rating is reduced. 

PVC systems should not be used where temperatures exceed 60oC.

Flange Sizing

The number and diameter of holes together with the PCD determines the flange size and pattern.  The PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) is the measurement from the centre of one bolt hole, across the centre of the flange, to the centre of the opposite hole.

The table below details the specification for PN10/16.  We can also supply Table D/E if required.


Size mm







Bolt Hole

Dia mm


Dia mm

20 95 65 4 14 M12
25 105 75 4 14 M12
32 115 85 4 14 M12
40 140 100 4 18 M16
50 150 110 4 18 M16
63 165 125 4 18 M16
75 185 145 4 18 M16
90 200 160 8 18 M16
110 220 180 8 18 M16


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