Flexible Reducers

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Flexible Reducers


Manufactured from EPDM elastomer and supplied with all-stainless steel worm drive clips the couplers provide a neat and easy solution for connecting pipework of different diameters in drainage and other non-pressure applications. 

The fittings are suitable for the following pipework connections:-

Imperial x Imperial, Metric x Metric, Imperial x Metric and other non-standard pipe sizes.

Pressure Rating

These fittings are not pressure rated and should not be used for pressure applications. 


Due to their flexible nature these reducers can accommodate minor pipework misalignment and variations in diameters.

The flexible fittings are suitable for both metric and near-similar sized imperial pipework.  For example a 63mm fitting can also be used with 2" (60.3mm o.d.) imperial pipe.

The following table details the range of recommended pipe sizes that can be used for each fitting:-

Metric Pipe


Imperial Pipe

Size NB*


Pipe Size


Pipe Size

25 mm 3/4" (26.7mm) 28 mm 24 mm
32 mm 1" (33.6mm) 35 mm 31 mm
40 mm 1 1/4" (42.2mm) 42 mm 38 mm
50 mm 1 1/2" (48.3mm) 51 mm 47 mm
63 mm 2" (60.3mm) 64 mm 59 mm
75 mm 2 1/2" (75.2mm) 76 mm 73 mm
90 mm 3" (88.9mm) 91 mm 88 mm
110 mm 4" (114.3mm) 115 mm 109 mm


NB*  The nominal bore or approx internal pipe diameter.  The mm figure in brackets is the outside diameter of imperial pipe.

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